About Şarjon

Respect for the world for a clean future

Established as a result of R&D studies that have been continuing since 2018, our company imports, installs and operates electric vehicle charging systems.

Our company, which supports the reduction of carbon emissions with the principle of respect for the world, aims for a sustainable, environmentally friendly and clean future. For this purpose, it continues its efforts without slowing down in order to spread electric vehicles and increase the comfort of electric vehicle users.

Sharjon, which sells and installs E-Cars and EV Box Electric Vehicle Charging systems, also provides an efficient and trouble-free user experience with its user-friendly mobile software. In order to achieve the zero emission target, our R&D activities continue intensively on systems integrated with solar energy.

For a Cleaner World...

As a young and dynamic company, Sharjon will continue to invest in e-Mobility technology with the aim of leaving a cleaner world to future generations, while respecting the environment and nature.