Charging Capacity
From 90 kW upto 240 kW
Upgradeable Power Modules:
Gradual increase with 30kW modules
Maximum Output Power:
DC Charge: CCS2 500A/920VDC dry or liquid cooled
AC Charge: Type 2 up to 22 kW
Cable Reach Cable Management activated: more than 5 m reach
Socket types 2 x CCS 2
HMI Screen LED strips and rings charging indicators, 15” (38 cm) anti-vandalism LCD color touchscreen
Integrated Cooling  Optional
Cooling  Forced Ventilation
Dimensions (WxHxD) 600 x 2500 x 1000 mm
Weight <400 kg
Mounting Ground / Floor
Protection Level  IP54 / IK10
Communication 4G/LTE, Ethernet