Home Charging

If you have a designated parking space in your residental or business area, one of our Home Charging Units is a perfect fit.

  • Home Charging
  • EVBOX Elvi

    • Ideal solution for personal use
    • from 3,7 kW upto 22 kW
    • Durable, smart and simple design
    • Monitoring and management of charging sessions

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  • EVBOX Elvi
  • IDA Slim Premium

    • Ideal solution for personal use
    • From 3,7 kW upto 22 kW
    • Anodized polished aluminum frame
    • Reinforced glass (IP66 and IK10 Protection levels)
    • Monitorin and managing charging sessions

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  • IDA Slim Premium
    • Personal Use

      Ideal low cost solution for personal usage.

      Centralized Management

      Remote management characteristic allows to start/end charging session, locking, time scheduled charging.


      Charging durations, electricity used and cost reports can be seen real-time on mobile application.

      İnternet Connection

      Receives firmware updates automatically through nternet connection and hence always stays up to date.

      Fast Charging

      Charges up to 8x faster than a wall plug and supplies power up to 100 km driving distance in 1 hour.

      Compatible with all Models

      Compatible with all electrical, plug-in and hybrid cars that matches EU EN61851 standards.

      Various Color Options

      Blue, green and orange are available as standard. Different colors are available upon request.

      Request for Charging Station

      You can request charging station(s) through our website. After receiving your request, we will reach you soon for details.