Discover Our Unique Charging Network Established with Devices That Maximize User Experience!

Products and Services

As ŞARJON, we provide sales and installation of charging units for electric vehicles, and we establish a charging station network by operating it with both user and management software.
We are Licensed Charging Network Operator!
We strategically place our devices in publicly accessible areas where our users spend significant time, facilitating their access to charging stations. Additionally, we install custom systems tailored to specific needs, including residental complexes and other private usage requirements.
We are Charging Device Supplier!
We provide our users with a seamless charging experience by using high-quality, long-lasting devices with a globally renowned reputation, continuously ready for use.
Life becomes easier with our mobile application!
Downloading our application, activating membership, accessing our charging devices, and receiving charging services have never been easier.

Mobile App

Download the application to easily and conveniently use all devices on the ŞARJON network and charge your vehicle!

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