Business Idea

With the business idea formed under the umbrella of the parent company Mert Marine, business plan studies for the Electric Vehicle Charging Network operation infrastructure have started.

Distributorship Agreements

Distributorship of world-leading AC/DC electric vehicle charger manufacturers such as EVBox, Alpitronic, StarCharge and Vega was acquired.

Software Development

Worldwide known AMPECO started to be used as Charging Management Platform Software. A collaboration was made for its sales to network operators in Turkey.


In accordance with the Turkish Regulations, Charging Network Operator License was obtained by EMRA. Licensing requirements were obtained.


Representation and distributorship of the world's leading charger manufacturers
Providing a service network for the installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair of charging stations
Mobile application and charging station network management panel offered to EV users
Leading the establishment of Turkey's charging infrastructure, together with industry leaders

Hardware Portfolio

We have distributor agreements that add chargers of various brands to our portfolio with a 360view approach to meet the comprehensive needs of the market and the end user.
11 kW AC - 400 kW DC
The devices we include in our portfolio are devices that are widely used worldwide and approved by international charging network operators.
360 degree value propositions for 360 degree needs!


We use widely used AMPECO software, and introduce its user-friendly features to EA users in Turkiye.
In addition, as ŞARJON, we are developing a Mobile App equipped with a unique user interface UI and our own control panel software, ChargeBoard®, which will be used to manage our charging stations.

Establishing Turkey's Charging Infrastructure!

Activities are carried out under the umbrella of E-mobility Operators Association (E-MOD) together with 14 other sector stakeholder CPOs, for the correct and efficient development of the charging infrastructure in Turkiye.
The aims of E-MOD are as follows:
-Bringing together industry leaders to discuss and solve the problems experienced by charging network operators,
-Increasing the use of electric vehicles across the country,
-To contribute to the development of electric vehicle charging station network and infrastructure.
SARJON operates as an ENSIA member.
ENSIA was established to support and improve the capacities of companies producing equipment, technology and projects in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Our mission is to ensure the formation, development and growth of the main and sub-industry of the renewable energy sector and to contribute to the formation and development of new technologies.

We Focus on You!

Establishing Turkey's charging infrastructure is a long-term task.
In this emerging and investment-intensive sector, collaborations among stakeholders are always important. As information is shared, it will grow, leading to the development of an efficient, purpose-driven charging network in our country. Therefore, as part of our vision that values long-term goals and sustainability, we offer our customers the opportunity to partner with us.
Instead of focusing on short-term, short-lived successes, we value ``Continuity in Service, Sustainability in Collaborations`` for PERMANENT SUCCESS and SATISFACTION.
Therefore, we always listen to our partners, share our expertise, understand their expectations and needs, and take quick action because;
We are an Agile and Smart team!

Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy involves a commitment to fulfilling our responsibilities towards our business partners, employees, environment, and country, with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Product Portfolio

We commit to providing products with proven reliability and quality on a global scale. Delivering services with products that adhere to global standards is our top priority in order to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Human Resources

Our employees form a human resource that is customer-centric, possesses technical expertise, and continuously develops through ongoing training. In this manner, we aim to consistently enhance our service quality and effectively address customer needs.

Partnership Concept

Our partnerships, based on mutual benefit and protection, enable us to establish trust-based, long-term relationships.

Environmental Awareness

Our environmental policy focuses on practices that encourage waste management and recycling. We contribute to the principle of sustainability by providing an environmentally friendly service by installing electric vehicle charging stations.

Energy Efficiency

We contribute to energy efficiency by carrying out our activities in accordance with the relevant legislation and standards. We attach importance to using energy resources effectively both within the company and throughout our country.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to the principle of continuous improvement in order to meet customer demands, ensure continuity of satisfaction and make a difference in every step. This reflects our aim to improve our business processes and raise our quality standards.
In line with these principles, we work determinedly to fulfill our responsibilities towards our customers, business partners, employees, environment and country.