Benefit from our numerous advantages
Local Governments
Bring e-mobility and innovation to your region without investing, by transferring regulatory responsibilities to us. Take your place as a pioneer in environmental sustainability.
Business Centers
Let's collaborate to meet the demand of the rapidly growing electric vehicle users. Elevate the standard of service by installing our charging stations suitable for private or public use.
Residential Complexes
Ensure satisfaction by choosing one of the solutions in various models we have developed for electric vehicle owners living in residential complexes.
Shopping Centers
We offer an efficient charging service for large-scale commercial areas. The managers of these areas, which are equipped with public and private parking lots, aim to equip their areas with charging infrastructures in order to attract the increasing number of electric vehicle users. We are the ideal partner to achieve your goals!
Benefit from our experience to provide the increasingly essential service of electric vehicle charging, which has become an indispensable part of welcoming your guests, as we deliver a service that will elevate your hospitality standards.
While you meet your patients' health-related needs, we also fulfill the energy requirements of their electric vehicles. Thus, we ensure that your patients' valuable time is utilized efficiently.
Local Businesses
It's a unique opportunity to attract electric vehicle users who haven't discovered your business yet. We guide and support you correctly to supply the necessary energy and manage the entire process until the installation is completed and the devices are put into operation.